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About Peachtree City Foamcraft

We know you have a choice and we thank you for picking Peachtree City Foamcraft as your partner for 100% Wholesale Foamcore Monuments and Architectural Accents

The History of Peachtree City Foamcraft

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 1991

Peachtree City Foamcraft invented the Foamcore Monument Sign; Peachtree, GA Branch opened with 3 employees.

Peachtree City Foamcraft utilized the EIFS Finishing System.

Peachtree City Foamcraft 1991-1994

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 1995

Recognizing the demand for highly detailed shapes & designs, Peachtree switched to a Urethane Finishing System.

Peachtree developed their own Faux Brick Sculpting System for monument signs.

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 1998

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 1999

Peachtree was introduced to a Plastic Polymer Finishing System, which offers exceptional durability and weather resistance.

Peachtree, NV Branch opened expanding their manufacturing capabilities.

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 2001

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 2003

Peachtree City Foamcraft developed an exclusive Poly-Armor™ Polymer Finishing System, specifically designed for the sign industry with unmatched durability and chemical makeup.

Peachtree, PA Branch opened turning Foamcraft into a nationwide, monument manufacturing powerhouse.

Peachtree City Foamcraft introduced Hand Sculpted, Faux Stone Accents for monument signs.

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 2004

Peachtree City Foamcraft - 2013

Peachtree expands their product offerings to include carved and blasted sign Panels. The HDU sign panels are available in three textures: simulated sandblasted, simulated wood grain and v-carved.

Do You Know the Difference?

4 Identical monuments, using 4 different finishing systems…
Which one will stand the test of time?

Rollover or Tap on the images to see!

  • EIFS (aka Dryvit)EIFS (aka Dryvit)
  • UrethaneUrethane
  • Standard Plastic PolymerStandard Plastic Polymer
  • Poly Armor PolymerPoly Armor Polymer

Peachtree City Foamcraft...The Difference is MONUMENTAL!

    Choose from 56 Standard Monument Models, Modify A Standard Model to fit your customer's needs or create your own Custom Design. Looking to place an Illuminated Cabinet, Sign Panel or Dimensional Letters on your monument? Not a problem, the professionals at Peachtree City Foamcraft would be glad to work with you for all of your graphics needs.

    $$ Looking to Save Money $$ - Peachtree offers a cost effective, complete solution when it comes to graphics... You choose the colors, and we will raise or recess your graphics directly into the monument!
    With Peachtree as your premier source for Wholesale EPS Foam Monuments, you can rest assured you are getting a great deal...each and every time. Peachtree City Foamcraft is proud to be the ONLY Wholesale Monument Manufacturer in the nation, that has three manufacturing facilities; one in the Northeast, Southeast and West Coast - Which means quicker lead times and inexpensive freight nationwide. With competitive wholesale pricing, an exceptional product guarantee, and superior service. The Difference is Monumental at Peachtree City Foamcraft.
    With a Peachtree City Foamcraft Monument, installation is a breeze. We offer (2) two simple Ground Mount Systems and our signs are lightweight in comparison to brick or stone.
    Peachtree want's to be your primary vendor for all of your monument needs. Selling our products is as simple as A-B-C.... What are you waiting for call today and ask for your Complimentary Peachtree Marketing Packet or click here to request online!
    Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you in providing quick quotes, comprehensive estimates, or answers to any questions you may have. The Peachtree Difference... our service, doesn't end after the sale, we are dedicated to serving you - just give us a call.
    Don't let it weigh you down. If your sign business is located in close proximity to one of our manufacturing facilities, you may be able to Have your next Monument Delivered to your door! (Call for availability)

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